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GPS Tracker For Car

GPS Tracker for Car

Managing a huge fleet of cars can be quite challenging given the numerous variables to be considered. Appropriately managing a fleet of cars helps you achieve operational efficiency by ensuring that drivers follow the most efficient routes when driving. This in turn results in a variety of benefits including increased deliveries in the same given time interval, reduced fuel consumption and running costs as well as better overall fleet management. Our GPS tracker for car online service allows users to effectively and conveniently manage their vehicle fleets through a highly intuitive and easy to use system.

Below we will look at exactly why our trackers for cars system is the best to use in keeping tabs on your fleet of cars, vans or even trucks.

Now that you appreciate the need for a GPS car tracking system, we can get into exactly what our system is all about. Our system is a highly effective web-based vehicle tracking system which offers users the needed control and visibility over their mobile assets. Our GPS tracking system for cars is designed to help businesses successfully manage their fleet of vehicles and subsequently reap the associated benefits. This is achieved by facilitating increased productivity, enhancing the level of customer service and most importantly achieving lower costs.

Salient Features of our Car GPS Tracking System:

Real time web based vehicle tracking accessible at all times.

Job dispatch tools and Find my nearest vehicle.

Trip trail tracking and replays using our car GPS tracking system

Street view and satellite tracking and mapping

Create Geo zones, Barred locations and Points of interest

Ability to monitor driver behaviour

Business intelligence dashboard

Ad hoc and automated detailed reporting

Benefits of Using Our System GPS Car Tracking

Enhanced delivery and driver productivity demonstrated by the jobs handled per day

Efficient driving resulting in valuable fuel savings

Drivers being monitored through our car GPS tracking device will improve their driving behaviour

Detailed information to verify overtime claims and timesheets

Better customer response times

Counter unauthorized vehicle use

Lower insurance premiums

Enhance legislative compliance including Duty of care and HMRC

Why Choose Our System

Our system has established itself as one of the best vehicle tracking systems in the world. With close to a million car GPS trackers deployed in various parts of the world, the technology has been backed and approved by numerous insurance companies; users can be assured of the quality and reliability they are buying into. Additionally, we have come up with a list of innovative features included in our GPS car tracking system as standard. These include accident buffer, driver behaviour, and advanced anti tamper technology as well offer buyers an increased number of benefits as compared with all other solutions available.

Since business requirements vary from one entity to another, we have developed scalable and modular trackers for cars with a variety of hardware options. This ensures that the users' varying needs can be met accurately. As such, users can enjoy convenient decision making by using the most suitable reporting to ensure their efficiency and cost reduction goals are met.

Some of the automated reports produced and sent through our car GPS tracking system include mileage, driver behaviour, timesheet, and journey and fuel consumption. This information has been deemed highly important from our experience and should therefore be delivered in the right format at the right time.

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